Although this website is for Mississippi, an open API exists for querying Coronavirus data.

Here is the api documentation.

During the process of compiling this data, we've found that a lot of different sources conflict each other. We aim to overcome these discrepancies by sharing as many sources as possible. We're working on adding new data sources, so check back here for any additions to our list. We also keep the api documentation up-to-date.

Data is currently available from three sources:

  1. Mississippi State Department of Health
  2. We've found that MSDH has the most up-to-date numbers than anybody, so we constantly scrape their website for updates. The API is still being refined and it has no documentation, but if you want to try it out, you can get from the /api/v1/mississippi endpoint.

    Check out their website for some more interesting data which isn't included here.

  3. The New York Times
  4. Their data is a chronological list of case counts for each day, since the first confirmed case in the United States. This is a good endpoint to query if you want to make data charts for growth rates based counties and states.

    New York Times updates their data daily. It's sourced from here.

  5. Johns Hopkins University
  6. This data provides a snapshot of each day's cases, based on county and state. Note that they didn't start sharing county data until 03-23-2020. And they stopped the county data on 04-01-2020.

    Johns Hopkins updates their data everyday at 23:59 UTC (7pm central time). We query the most recent data. It comes from here.

Here is the api documentation in case you missed it.

The code is available here. Please open an issue if you find a bug. And feel free to contribute, but excuse the mess! It's my first ExpressJS app.